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Windscreen storage and care

You’ve probably invested a lot for your windscreens. To increase their life and durability, and to maintain a wrinkle-free and clean appearance, follow these simple maintenance rules.

Remove or roll screens during winter

In climates that get freezing temperatures, high winds or snow, we recommend that windscreens be taken down for the winter months and rehung in the spring. If windscreens are left on the fences during the winter in these areas, they must be at least rolled up or down and secured.

Roll screens in very high winds

To prevent damage when high winds are expected, cut away the regular Ty-Rap® that you have used for the sides, center tape and either the top or the bottom of the windscreen. Then roll the windscreen up or down to where the snap hooks or heavy-duty Ty-Rap® are attached and tie it up using 14"-long Ty-Rap® to help prevent wind damage.

Roll, do not fold

For storage, roll the screen. Do not fold it. This avoids wrinkling the fabric and makes it last longer and look neater the next time it’s installed.

Cover screens during storage

Store the windscreen indoors. A protective covering over the roll helps reduce dust and dirt on the screen.

Double check your labels

Remember to tag each panel before you remove your windscreen for storage so you can return them to the right place each year.

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