LED Tennis Court Lighting Systems

Har-Tru partners with industry leaders in tennis court lighting systems. LED lighting specifically designed for tennis courts has proven to improve visibility under lights and is an enormous enhancement to the game. 

We know that you have many options when it comes to LED’s for tennis, and that the value of fixture improvements can be hard to quantify and verify. Our partners, VUE Tennis and Sports Interiors, offer best in class solutions that your players will notice, and appreciate, immediately.

Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting

Sports Interiors

Indoor Tennis Court Lighting and Covers

Sports interiors is best known for improving the indoor tennis experience through applications of an LED Lighting System and Liner System that are applied to ceilings and walls. 

Sports Interiors specializes in designing and implementing professional lighting designed by industry experts with over 30 years of market experience.  Owners and operators of tennis clubs and athletic facilities throughout the Midwest, they provide in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience to ensure every lighting installation is a success. Sports Interiors’ energy-efficient tennis lighting system can be found across the country on tennis courts located in country clubs, resorts, tennis clubs, and college campuses. 

The benefits of a Sports Interiors’ LED indoor tennis lighting solution:

  • Turnkey offering that provides a seamless and efficient transition to a proven high-performance LED lighting system. 
  • System designed specifically to meet the needs of indoor facilities. 
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to more traditional offerings. 
  • Unmatched customer service that works with you to secure the maximum rebate available. 
  • Custom lighting layout designed to guarantee the highest light levels and even distribution across the court. 
  • The latest in LED technology, which results in unprecedented energy savings. 
  • A team of experts with first-hand knowledge gained through owning and operating athletic clubs. 
  • Partnership with one of the largest financing companies to offer a convenient option that simplifies the buying process and minimizes out of pocket expenses.

"We are very pleased with the quality of the lights & have been receiving a bunch of great feedback from members, guests, and fellow team members." — Jonathan Sarosiek | Director of Tennis & Pickleball, Boar's Head Sports Club




VUE TENNIS is a cost-saving, LED light designed and produced by NLS Lighting specifically for tennis.  For Har-Tru, this is critically important because we are tennis people — and we know how challenging it is to maximize light, minimize glare, reduce shadows, and accentuate the visibility of a spinning ball traveling at fast speeds and multiple elevations. While there have been significant advances in LED lighting, VUE TENNIS is a breakthrough fixture for our sport, leveraging an innovative approach to the optics to capture more of the light and deliver it right where you want it. 

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VUE Tennis produces the highest, most uniform light levels in the industry for the 18’-22’ mounting heights that are most common in our sport.  It is the only fixture to achieve Class I illumination levels with just 8 fixtures. 

VUE Tennis uses Star Power™ optics to reflect the light, allowing for wider and more even distribution, even up to eighteen feet above the court surface. 

VUE Tennis recesses its LED’s far into the housing to eliminate glare

Save More

VUE Tennis will save you up to 50% on your operating costs. 

VUE Tennis LED’s are instant on/off and are dimmable, which saves on warm-up time and energy. 

VUE Tennis systems can run for decades without any maintenance and this will save you a bundle.

NLS Lighting References

Customer Testimonial - David L. Crawford

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