Deep Red Tennis Clay

European Red Clay creates a beautiful court that evokes emotion. This rich red product leaves its mark in a way no other surface can.

Our European Red is ideal for top-dressing existing clay courts and covering red ClayTech courts. It has also been used as a cap on top of existing HAR-TRU courts to seal off the green and leave the fiery red/orange finish on display. The product is produced from crushed bricks and is imported in 55 lb. bags.

Call us for detailed information on court construction and the benefits of European Red Clay

Key Features & benefits

  • An essential surface for developing champions
  • Prepares players with a sound foundation of movement and balance skills.
  • Aids in the development of a complete game.
  • Allows players to slide into shots, reducing stress on the body.
  • European Red Clay adds unique and differentiating beauty to any property.

European Red clay courts, with a HydroCourt sub-irrigation system, at the Keswick Country Club

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