Tennis Court Irrigation

Sub-Surface or Above-Ground Irrigation?

Your tennis court is only as good as your irrigation system. Water keeps a court firm, gives it rich, dark color, and ensures stable footing for tennis players.

Water can be introduced to a court through a sub-surface irrigation system or an above ground irrigation system. The vast majority of new courts are installed with sub-surface irrigation.

The HydroCourt sub-surface irrigation system has been proven to reduce court expenses and simplify daily maintenance in all climates. The new HyQ Court system takes sub-surface irrigation to another level with advanced technology and controls.


Why is Irrigation So Important?

  • Water keeps the court stable and firm.
  • A properly watered court provides better traction.
  • An effective irrigation system reduces downtime.
  • Proper hydration minimizes erosion.
  • Water gives the court a beautiful, rich color.
  • Proper hydration helps keep tapes in place.
  • Water evaporates during play keeping the court and the players cool and comfortable.
  • An effective irrigation system reduces daily, periodic, and annual maintenance.
  • Optimal water means fewer bad bounces.
  • Properly hydrated courts drain more quickly.

Irrigation Tips

A clay court, like a sponge, holds water. This water evaporates over the course of a day. Irrigation regimens should be designed to replenish water lost during the day.

  • Water multiple times for short durations to allow your court to absorb and retain water more readily.
  • Always water after brushing as brushing accelerates drying.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads on a weekly basis to ensure proper coverage.

The HyQ® Court

HyQ Logo

An evolution in irrigation

Har-Tru introduces an exciting new sub-surface system that makes it easier than ever to install and use irrigation on your court. The HyQ Court is a cutting-edge, upgraded system that takes advantage of technology for greater performance and results.

  • Increased speed and accuracy of irrigation

More innovation, less hassle

HyQ is easier to install and operate. High-tech advances make HyQ less complicated and more effective than other irrigation systems. HyQ takes fewer steps to install—saving contractors time and labor costs.

  • Easier installation saves time and money

A better experience for clubs and owners

The HyQ Court is an irrigation system with smarts. Its intelligent design optimizes installation and operation while increasing speed and precision. With HyQ, it’s easy to see and understand the entire irrigation process at a glance.

  • More user friendly
  • Quickly see what’s happening on the court
  • Easier installation
  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduce water usage and costs
  • Create a consistently playable surface
  • Eliminate down-time from watering
  • Decrease surface material loss from wind and erosion
  • Lower maintenance costs of sprinkling and rolling
  • Quickly drain courts after a rain
  • Easily adjust and customize water levels

HyQ Valve Box
Our new all-digital valve system

USTA National Campus

Har-Tru is the official green clay and sub-surface irrigation supplier of the Home of American Tennis at the USTA National Campus.



HydroCourt is a self-regulating system that is fully adjustable to player preference and designed to water your Har-Tru tennis court from below the surface.

HydroCourts are constructed with six individually controlled cells. Each cell is monitored by a separate water-filled control box. Water enters the control box and flows through pipes to cells lined with a chemical-resistant 20 mm thick hyperlastic liner.

As the water level in the control box rises, the water level under the court also rises. You control the amount of moisture in the court surface by adjusting the water level in the control box up or down. It's that simple.

Key Features of HydroCourt

  • No down time. HydroCourt maintains optimal moisture at all times from below so you never have to shut your court down for watering.
  • Consistency. Unlike most above-ground irrigation systems, water coverage is uniform and even, keeping traction safe and consistent.
  • Water savings. HydroCourt provides only the amount of water needed to keep the court moist. This can save up to 60% of water usage when compared to conventional irrigation.
  • Reduced maintenance. Constant moisture keeps the surface firm and substantially reduces the amount of brushing and rolling needed to properly maintain the court.
  • Choosing the HydroCourt system means there is no sprinkler system to maintain.
  • Reduced cost of ownership. Consistent water prevents erosion and this lessens the amount of Har-Tru that needs to be replaced annually and over time.

HydroCourt Performance Tips

  • When optimum water level is achieved, mark that level in your water control box for future reference.
  • Use aggressive tools, such as the Har-Tru Gator Rake, daily for grooming the court.
  • With a simple pull of a plug, HydroCourt can be drained. This is helpful in tournament situations where there is a lot of rain, and it makes winterization easy.
  • Watch our video on how to adjust HydroCourt water levels. 

Sprinkler Solutions

Choosing the right sprinkler head makes all the difference. We carry only brands and models of sprinkler heads, valves, and controllers that we know work well on Har-Tru courts. The sprinklers we recommend feature stainless steel sleeves and the latest in rotor and spray technology. Additionally, we offer controllers and valves to match all your irrigation needs.

A well-designed sprinkler solution will simulate a short rain. An eight-head system with proper pressure and volume can completely saturate your court in just two minutes. The result is uniform distribution without a lot of down time.

Why is the Right Sprinkler Important?

  • Improved coverage. Having the right heads will improve water distribution and make the court more consistent.
  • Reduced down time. Installing sprinklers that throw out more water can reduce the amount of time courts need to be closed for watering.
  • Fewer puddles. The right sprinklers distribute water more evenly and can reduce puddles that take a long time to dry.
  • Reduced system maintenance. Having the right heads and controller in place can eliminate the need for system adjustments.
  • Reduced maintenance. The right equipment will keep the court properly hydrated and this reduces the need for brushing and rolling.
  • Reduced cost of ownership. Consistent water prevents erosion and this lessens the amount of Har-Tru that needs to be replaced annually and over time.

Want More Information on Irrigation?

Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more about irrigation options for your courts. We're happy to help you find and purchase the right system, and locate certified installers near you.

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