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Why are you adding a windscreen?

The material you choose will determine how well your windscreen performs in a variety of situations. Here are the most common reasons for installing a windscreen:

  • Protection from gusting wind
  • To see the ball better during play
  • To feature your facility’s logo
  • To make your courts look more professional

How strong is your fence?

Your fence should be strong enough to support the weight of a windscreen. Most fences can support any Har-Tru windscreen; however, lighter material and a 6’ screen are suggested for lower gauge or weaker fencing.

What else is on your court?

Look for gates and transoms, drop-downs, unusual angles in the fence, and anything else around your court that might affect the windscreen you choose and how you install it.

When you have a good overview of your site, it’s time to make a detailed plan.

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